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Report from UK Championships at Belfast.

Last weekend saw the return of a Northern Irish major championship for the first time since the band’s memorable win at the European Championships in 2012. Although this year’s contest was initially scheduled to take place at Ormeau Park in the city centre, a late change of venue saw us returning to the incredible grounds at Stormont – surely one of the best venues we have enjoyed for a pipe band contest in recent years.

This year also saw the introduction of a new major championship with the newly titled UK championships taking over as the fifth RSPBA major from Cowal. Having made a positive start at the first championships in Bathgate only two weeks before, the Grade 1 band were looking to better their result of 2nd. Having competed at Bathgate with a medley, the focus had quickly turned to the band’s two MSRs in preparation for the contest in Belfast. With near perfect weather for the majority of the day it was widely anticipated that the standard of contest would match the incredibly high level produced at Bathgate and it did not disappoint.


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Boghall and Bathgate Begin Brightly at British

Saturday 31st May saw the longest wait for an opening championship for many years, with the first of this year’s major championships almost making it into June. Having not competed as a full band since the last major at Cowal in August 2013, the Grade 1 band were itching to get out onto the local Bathgate turf and demonstrate just how much hard work they had put in over the winter.


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