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Bathgate Highland Games

The West Lothian Highland Games on Saturday 26th May saw a glorious day of sunshine and some great performances from the bands. The Novice band had two strong performances, the first earning them a solid 3rd place in the Novice Grade, before playing up in the Juvenile Grade with their latest competition medley. This second performance allowed some of the more senior members of the Novice band to gain experience at a higher level and was clearly a worthwhile exercise as they earned a further 3rd place.

The Juvenile band continued to build on their performances at Dunbar and Dumbarton and finished a close second behind George Watson’s College in the Juvenile Grade, before playing up in Grade 2 where they finished in 3rd place ahead of some well established adult bands. Finally, the Grade 1 band produced another good performance this season and finished as winners of the Grade 1 title, the best drum corps and the best bass section. This was the 19th time in the last 20 years that the Grade 1 drum corps have been crowned winners at Bathgate and is a just reward for the consistency the drum corps have achieved over the last two decades.

All three bands will now look forward to a busy month ahead with the Novice and Juveniles bands getting involved with the local gala day season and the Juveniles competing at Innerleithen. Meanwhile the Grade 1 band will turn their attention to the MSRs in preparation for the British Championships at Annan whilst also focusing on some great concert material for the Forte Concert in World’s Week. We hope to get some videos of Bathgate up soon and will also be posting our next video blog in the coming weeks - stay tuned!

Posted by Andrew Ray on 05/27 at 05:49 PM in Homepage


#1. Posted by Olav Goud on May 28, 2012

Well done on the result guys and girls!! See you in July!

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