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Boghall restructures Juvenile bands for coming year to ensure continued success.

As the busy and successful 2012 season drew to a close, Boghall and Bathgate looked at how best to continue the success the organisation has achieved in recent years. It is well recognised that one of the recent highlights of the organisation has been the Juvenile band, not only from the point of view of their excellent performances and results (including three major championship wins in three years) but also in providing a continual stream of quality, home-grown players to the Grade 1 band. This is perhaps best highlighted by the fact that nine pipers and drummers who won the European Championships in Juvenile in 2009 played in last years European and Cowal Championship wins in Grade 1. This is not only testament to the hard work of the individuals involved, but also to the dedication of their tutors throughout these years, principally P/M Ian Bowden and L/D Gordon J Brown.

Whilst the Juvenile’s have been a fantastic support to the Grade 1 band in recent years, a lot of Juvenile bands have a “time cycle” and ours is no exception. Due to the vast number of players who have been promoted into the Grade 1 band we simply do not have enough players to put out a band of a good enough standard in the Juvenile Grade in 2013 and as such we have decided that our Juvenile Band will not compete this year. Instead, we have redirected our teaching resources into developing our Novice Juvenile players to the best of our ability to ensure that Boghall returns to having three strong bands in 2014. Alexander Scougall and David Burnside have already taken over leadership of the Novice Juvenile band alongside Tom Brown and all three tutors are working very hard to improve the Novice band both at an individual level and as an ensemble. We are delighted to see that they are already making great progress, with a number of excellent individual performances on show at the recent Craigmount Solos.

Whilst Alexander, David and Tom’s primary aim is to have a successful competing season in 2013 they are also making sure they develop these young players for the next stage of their piping and drumming careers and we look forward to a number of this year’s Novice band progressing to play in our Juvenile band in 2014.

We are excited that restructuring our organisation for the coming year gives us the best chance to cement the band’s future at the top of pipe band competition. This decision echoes the restructuring of the Juvenile bands in the early 2000s and when we consider how many of the current Grade 1 membership have graduated from our Juvenile teaching system over the last 10 years, it is clear to see the impact those previous decisions have had! We look forward to having two very competitive bands this year and expect to have three bands challenging for Major Championship wins in their respective grades in 2014.

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