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Boghall win Grade 1 European Championships

All three Boghall and Bathgate bands travelled to Belfast this past weekend to compete at the European Championships at the fantastic grounds at Stormont. The Grade 1 band had been working very hard in the lead up to the contest and had been carefully balancing their focus on competition sets and concert material. With some of our overseas members also returning in the past few weeks, this was the biggest Boghall band to ever take to the competition field, including a total of 23 pipers. The band again drew their second MSR, “Brigadier General Ronald Cheape of Tiroran, Dora McLeod and The Smith of Chilliechassie” and despite the heavens opening just as the band were standing on the line they produced their best run of the season to lift both the Grade 1 European Band and Drumming titles. This result lifts the drum corps into first place in the Champion of Champions table gives the band some great momentum ahead of the Forte concert in 9 days time and the World Championships the following Saturday.

Thanks to ‘dronechrous’ there is also an excellent HD recording of the winning Grade 1 performance:

Meanwhile, we have posted a selection of photos to our Picasa account which you can be viewed here.

Elsewhere, the Novice and Juvenile bands both continued to feature strongly in their respective prize lists with a 3rd place for the Juvenile band and a 5th for the Novices. All three bands will now continue their busy practice schedule, with the Grade 1 band putting the final touches to their Forte concert – if you haven’t got your tickets yet you can purchase them directly from the concert hall here.


Posted by Andrew Ray on 07/30 at 10:49 AM in Homepage


#1. Posted by Dave Robb B.E.M. on July 30, 2012

Brilliant result, what a lift prior to the concert and then the Worlds, you can do it guys. Lets pick up the awards at Glasgow.

Cmon the Boggies.

#2. Posted by Jason on July 30, 2012

Guys, what a fantastic result, as someone Boghall born and bred and who has ties with the band and through family back in the early days I’m always delighted when the band does well.  Congratulations to everyone, big special well done to Gordon Brown and Ross Harvey in particular, and I can’t go without saying well done to Ross Miller and his proud Dad, I remember a very young Ross walking in the front row of Linlithgow band at the Marches some years back when I played with them, with his dummy pipes, and here he is now a European Champion in Grade 1, well done son.  Really special, great to see the band doing so well, hope you can carry it to the big one.

#3. Posted by alex on August 04, 2012

Couldnt agree more with you Jason, my family have strong ties to the area and its wonderful to see such great results. well done.

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