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European Championships 2014: Forres.

Saturday 28th June saw the European Championships return to the excellent venue of Grant Park in Forres which had held a superb championship the previous year. The morning started off fairly cloudy with temperatures well down in single figures but the sun quickly found it’s way through the clouds and we were treated to some glorious northern sunshine though the course of the afternoon.

Both bands were looking to improve on their results from the last championship a mere two weeks ago in Belfast with both bands switching format (medley to MSR for the Juveniles and vice versa for the Grade 1). The Juvenile band showed another step forward with their most composed and musical performance of the season, but ultimately had to settle for 4th in a very competitive grade won by Dollar Academy (the third winner in three championships).

The Grade 1 band were also hugely disappointed not to improve on their results from the previous two championships and ultimately finished in 6th place. Congratulations to Inveraray and District for taking their first ever Grade 1 championship. The band are now back in the practice hall and are 100% focused on ensuring they are back at their best ahead of the Scottish Championships at Dumbarton on Saturday 26th July. Hope to see you there.

Posted by Andrew Ray on 07/12 at 12:50 PM in Homepage


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