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Novice Band entertains Holyrood and Hollywood Stars!

Members of the Novice Juvenile Band had a fantastic opportunity last week when they were invited to play at a prestigious event at Edinburgh Castle to promote the launch of the new Pixar animated film, Brave. This was a private event which saw guests from the Scottish Government mixing with Hollywood stars including Robbie Coltrane, Kelly MacDonald and Kevin McKidd. The event was a great experience for our young people and despite not finishing until after 10pm, they all thoroughly enjoyed being involved in an event with such A-list stars! However, despite this new found fame, they have all remained grounded and all thoroughly enjoyed returning to more familiar surroundings whilst supporting the local community at the Bathgate Gala Day last Saturday!

As Brave has been set in Scotland it is hoped that the tourism industry will benefit from significantly increased trade, with some companies already promoting “Brave” holiday experiences and VisitScotland utilising the publicity to good effect!

Posted by Andrew Ray on 06/05 at 09:28 PM in Homepage


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