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Wine Tasting sees launch of Boghall Wine Club

Boghall and Bathgate began their latest fundraising venture with the launch of brand new Wine Club at a fantastic wine tasting event at the Mercat Bar, an award winning gastropub in Edinburgh’s West End. The event was hosted by Grade 1 snare drummer and Vice President, Alan Irvine who has extensive experience in the wine industry and catered fantastically for the wide range of knowledge amongst the 40 guests. Each guest was treated to six different wines with a range of specifically chosen foods allowing the guests to understand how different wines can compliment specific foods. Alan also taught the guests how to appraise each wine and by the end of the evening he had successfully proved that expensive wines taste better!

Due to the overwhelming success of this event, Alan is now planning to run a further event in October. Undoubtedly a lot of those who attended on Friday will be returning, but we hope to see lots of new faces there too. This event also marked the launch of our new wine club. Thanks to Alan’s contacts within the wine trade, he has established an excellent deal where we can purchase a wide range of quality wines at prices cheaper than most retailers whilst also ensuring that the band receives a profit from every bottle sold. In addition, we have also been offered an excellent buy 12 get one free deal - thanks Alan!

Alan plans to place an order every month on behalf of the band and is happy to offer guidance and tips to anyone interested in placing an order. There is no minimum order and no obligation to order on a monthly basis. Similarly we are more than happy to accommodate orders from outwith the band. For further information please contact Alan  directly.

Posted by Andrew Ray on 06/11 at 01:32 PM in Homepage


#1. Posted by Robbert van Gorp on June 11, 2012

The Boghall wine club, i need to be there in october!

#2. Posted by Craig Walker on June 14, 2012

Do you do Pear Thunderbird?

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